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Securing Clients Legal Rights During a Break-Up

If you and your domestic partner are planning to separate, you should seek legal help from experienced LGBT family law attorneys. Understandably, this is likely an emotionally sensitive time for you and your partner. The guidance of a compassionate lawyer can help make sure your rights are preserved.

For more than 30 years, the law firm of Katine Nechman McLaurin LLP has represented same-sex couples. Part of our background includes providing high-quality legal services to individuals looking to end a domestic partnership.

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At Katine Nechman McLaurin, we want to help clients avoid the financial and emotional expense involved in resolving disputes through trial. Since 1992, Mitchell Katine has been certified as a mediator. He is available to act as a neutral third-party for couples looking to end a domestic partnership.

If a partnership was never legally formalized, we begin discussing other existing agreements. We work together to address how personal assets and joint property were handled. In many circumstances, couples agree to an equitable distribution of their property, which does not necessarily mean a 50/50 split. For example, if one person keeps the home, maybe the other person would obtain the family car and additional money from the joint savings. At Katine Nechman McLaurin, we offer mediation services to help individuals find effective, long-term solutions.

In Texas, each co-tenant usually has an absolute right to partition jointly owned real property. A partition suit can be complicated and costly. Most co-owners seek partition as a last resort. Mediation and settlement are usually the most efficient means for property division, and our firm is ready to assist you, whether your needs are in a partition suit or a mediation and settlement.

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We understand that ending a domestic partnership may feel overwhelming. Contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation. We will outline the legal options available to you through negotiations, mediation or litigation.