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In 2010, a Houston area survey revealed that more and more individuals throughout Houston support gay rights. The findings discovered increased openness around same-sex couples becoming adoptive parents.

At Katine Nechman McLaurin LLP, we recognize this important milestone as more individuals are embracing diversity in Texas. The lawyers of our law firm have spent many years compassionately representing individuals from all backgrounds, including the GLBT community. We are committed to spreading awareness and guiding clients with second-parent adoptions.

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We know firsthand the challenges same-sex couples face when looking to adopt a child. In 2004, GLBT lawyer Mitchell Katine and his partner fulfilled lifelong dreams of adopting and are the proud parents of Sebastian and Sebrina.

Offering Second Parent Adoption Services

At Katine Nechman McLaurin, we take advantage of our backgrounds to help clients understand the logistics behind second-parent adoptions. This legal process allows same-sex couples to adopt their partner's adopted or biological children. Ultimately, the adopted children will gain two legal parents. Both parents will be legally recognized to have the same rights and responsibilities.

Second-parent adoption can help preserve the non-biological parent's right in Texas, if the domestic partnership dissolves. At Katine Nechman McLaurin, we will address all of your legal concerns, while helping you efficiently move through the adoption process. We offer a free consultation to explain the process and costs.

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The attorneys at our firm speak on a number of legal issues affecting our clients and the community. We also participate in activities that benefit our community and have prepared publications on these issues.

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