Mitchell Katine and John Nechman are experienced attorneys with extensive histories representing and advocating for the HIV community. Both have been adjunct law professors teaching in the area of HIV-law, and Mitchell is a trained American Red Cross HIV educator. Mitchell also serves on the Board of Directors of Live Consortium, a Houston-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, HIV education organization.

We at Katine Nechman McLaurin have substantial knowledge about the specific legal issues facing people who are HIV-positive. From our office in Houston, Texas, we are capable of representing you in legal issues throughout Texas and the United States.Family

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Anyone who is HIV-positive may receive a free legal consultation on any legal topic as part of our partnership with AIDS Foundation Houston on the second Tuesday of every month in our office conveniently located on Loop 610 North between Ella and Shepherd. To make an appointment, please call our office or send us an e-mail.

Video of Mitchell Katine speaking about the work of the Osito Foundation on behalf of children with HIV.

People with HIV/AIDS encounter unique legal obstacles, and an experienced attorney can advise them on the best course of action. For over 20 years, the attorneys of Katine Nechman McLaurin have been representing people with HIV in a variety of legal areas related to the following:

  • Estate plans - We make sure people have the documents in place to protect their decisions.
  • LGBT-related issues - Our firm represents members of the LGBT community who also suffer from HIV/AIDS.
  • Employment laws - There are a number of state and federal laws that provide HIV-positive employees with legal protections.
  • Immigration concerns - We assist people whose immigration status is impacted by their HIV status, including those in need of obtaining an HIV waiver.
  • Criminal laws - Some crimes may be enhanced or otherwise impacted by one’s HIV status.
  • Disability claims - We will help HIV-positive claimants obtain disability benefits under a long-term disability policy.
  • Confidentiality and testing - Our firm will advise you about the specific laws that Texas and many other states have concerning your privacy.
  • HIV-positive health care workers - Our attorneys represent HIV-positive health care workers who face legal issues that jeopardize their employment.
  • Return to work - We will advise you of your rights when returning to work after a period of illness or disability.
  • ADA/FMLA - After important rulings like Abbott v. Bragdon, HIV-positive employees have legal protections under the law.

We speak often on a number of issues affecting our clients and community, participate in many activities that benefit the community, and have prepared publications on these issues.

To sit down to speak with an experienced lawyer about issues related to HIV/AIDS, contact us at Katine Nechman McLaurin. Visit our resource page to find links to other important HIV/AIDS sites.